Tanks or Trucks?

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Tragedy continues to strike as our roads become increasingly more busy with growing urban populations throughout the country. The excess amount of vehicles occupying roadways in combination with a multitude of distractions creates an environment that by definition can not be safe. Every time a person gets behind the wheel they are unknowingly signing a contract that puts their life as well as their passenger’s lives at risk. Our roads can become safer through innovation in safety features and revision of outdated policy for trucks carrying heavy amounts of weight. The level of intimidation from larger vehicles on the road is extremely high and felt by most drivers in smaller vehicles. It is clear that revision is needed for the policies that govern these transportation sectors.

In a tragic event near Des Moines, Iowa, a large semi truck was unable to slow down when approaching a stand still blockage in traffic due to a previous unrelated accident. The truck rammed a smaller vehicle and in the process managed to severely injure the driver and tragically kill a two-year-old passenger in the rear of the car. It is blatantly obvious that the trucker was unable to slow down in time due to the massive force of the weighted down truck. Cases like this hold the possibility to be effective in the battle against trucking agencies that knowingly allow truck drivers to operate their vehicles while transporting materials that outweigh their limits. In the event of an auto accident is always advisable to contact police so that they may file a report of the incident that can be used as evidence in the event of a follow-up court case. This allows the victim to effectively pursue their cases in hopes of receiving adequate reparation from the driver that caused their damages. Trucks, in this instance, carrying heinous amounts of weight do not have space to safely decrease their speeds so to avoid an accident.

Accidents that experience great tragedy, such as the loss of an innocent young life, have no place in our supposed technologically advanced day and age. As much as the general population may not appreciate the coming innovations in self-driving long distance trucks, this may indeed be the best solution to these occurrences. Theoretically, sensors placed in large trucks would be able to more accurately calculate the time needed for stopping the vehicle. If mathematics and technology have provided a possible solution to ending these tragic events, perhaps we would benefit to utilize them.

In conclusion, the utilization of new technology in the form of automated driving systems could be a possible solution to the epidemic at hand. It is time for our world to acclimate to such inventions especially if they can begin making our roads safer for future generations. No longer do we have to accept the rate of vehicular murder against our species, but instead we can begin to collaborate for the betterment of society. As a national community, we can implement life-saving changes.

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