Common Behaviors Associated with Sexual Harassment

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Common Behaviors Associated with Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can be experienced anywhere. It can be experienced at home, at the office, in public transportation, and even on the streets. Many victims just tolerate sexually harassing behaviors, but there are some victims who take it negatively, affecting their physical and mental health, and worse, their performance in school, work, and relationships.

When you look at it, these behaviors should not be tolerated, no matter how simple they may be. Everybody deserves to be at peace, whether they are on public or private properties. According to the website, those who have been victims of sexual harassment may even get compensation. It’s a win-win situation, because they punish their harasser and get money for the damages.

Asking personal questions relating to sex

If someone you know asks about your sexual activities, preferences, and histories, he is already harassing you sexually, especially if he isn’t in a relationship with you that is deep enough to warrant those questions and if you have made it clear that you find those questions inappropriate.

Attacking your sexual identity

Getting bullied because of your identity and preferences is enough grounds for a sexual harassment case. This is even worse if it happens in a place where you often see the harasser, like in the school or the office, as it creates a hostile environment.

Commenting sexually about your body or clothes

You are innocently walking in the sidewalk of your neighborhood or in the hallway of your work building when somebody suddenly makes sexual gestures, such as whistling, to entice or offend you. Worse, they may even directly communicate to you, like saying vulgar things about your body and clothes.

Communicating with sexual suggestions

Co-workers, employers, teachers, or anybody else who gives you sexual messages in oral or written format may be held liable for sexual harassment, especially if it is frequent and severe enough to negatively affect you in that specific environment.

Displaying sexual materials

Sometimes, you don’t have to be the direct recipient of the harassment. Merely displaying sexual materials such as pictures and videos can be grounds for sexual harassment, because it creates an unwanted sexual atmosphere in the area.

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