Birds of a Feather, I’ve Heard

My brother and I have a “healthy” competitive relationship. Growing up we always played basketball against one another, and the series would go back and forth. The last time we played, it was the first one to score 21 points, using ones and twos. We play that you have to win by at least three points, so the game doesn’t end right when it’s getting good. We ended up playing until almost 40 points, but in the end, I beat him. I posted up in the paint and walked him down like clockwork. Big brother for the win.

Recently, he just bought a Subaru BRZ. I don’t know if you are familiar with the Scion FR-S, but that’s what I drive. They look identical, and he thinks his car is faster when it really isn’t. We haven’t made it out to a legit track yet, but that’s definitely on the soon-to-do list.

We always try to show each other the next best thing. Lately, we’ve been exploring different beers, and it’s been really nice. We choose a style of beer, pick up a couple of different six packs, and sample a bunch. It’s been a great hobby for the weekend, and there’s enough beer that it doesn’t feel so competitive. If there’s a good beer, we always split it up three and three, and sometimes if I’m lucky, I’ll enjoy a beer that he doesn’t like and I get four of them. Sometimes we buy beers we like by the growler, and my brother showed me this awesome setup he has in his garage that serves beer out of a tap. I couldn’t let him be the only one to have this. Just like our cars, now we both have one!

The worst beer we’ve tried so far was this jalapeno IPA craft beer that tasted like trash. I don’t even remember what the brewery was called, but it has some sorta demon looking thing on the front of the can. If you see that, DON’T BUY IT. I’ve never had a beer that I couldn’t finish until I tried that one. Seriously, I don’t even think you could call it a beer. The drink was spicy, which I expected, but there was hardly any hoppy flavor and it was altogether a really bad blend of low-quality ingredients.

Craft beer isn’t cheap, and that six-pack cost me ten bucks. The worst part was that I picked it out and my brother just laughed at me. We each opened one can, didn’t finish it, and shook the rest up and shot ’em with a BB gun. Normally, I would have taken the bullet before I let a beer get wasted like that, but then again, I’m pretty sure this wasn’t even beer. I never imagined anything sold as a beer could ever be so awful, and it truly was a low point in my life and a loss of innocence.

Now that football season is in full swing, I’ve got my Sunday’s figured out. Wake up, get everything I need to get done for the day finished first, and then kick back and trash-talk my brother’s team. It’s actually a great way to pass the time, and we’ve been watching it at my house lately. He has a great sound system, but I’ve got the bigger television.

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Tanks or Trucks?

Tragedy continues to strike as our roads become increasingly more busy with growing urban populations throughout the country. The excess amount of vehicles occupying roadways in combination with a multitude of distractions creates an environment that by definition can not be safe. Every time a person gets behind the wheel they are unknowingly signing a contract that puts their life as well as their passenger’s lives at risk. Our roads can become safer through innovation in safety features and revision of outdated policy for trucks carrying heavy amounts of weight. The level of intimidation from larger vehicles on the road is extremely high and felt by most drivers in smaller vehicles. It is clear that revision is needed for the policies that govern these transportation sectors.

In a tragic event near Des Moines, Iowa, a large semi truck was unable to slow down when approaching a stand still blockage in traffic due to a previous unrelated accident. The truck rammed a smaller vehicle and in the process managed to severely injure the driver and tragically kill a two-year-old passenger in the rear of the car. It is blatantly obvious that the trucker was unable to slow down in time due to the massive force of the weighted down truck. Cases like this hold the possibility to be effective in the battle against trucking agencies that knowingly allow truck drivers to operate their vehicles while transporting materials that outweigh their limits. In the event of an auto accident is always advisable to contact police so that they may file a report of the incident that can be used as evidence in the event of a follow-up court case. This allows the victim to effectively pursue their cases in hopes of receiving adequate reparation from the driver that caused their damages. Trucks, in this instance, carrying heinous amounts of weight do not have space to safely decrease their speeds so to avoid an accident.

Accidents that experience great tragedy, such as the loss of an innocent young life, have no place in our supposed technologically advanced day and age. As much as the general population may not appreciate the coming innovations in self-driving long distance trucks, this may indeed be the best solution to these occurrences. Theoretically, sensors placed in large trucks would be able to more accurately calculate the time needed for stopping the vehicle. If mathematics and technology have provided a possible solution to ending these tragic events, perhaps we would benefit to utilize them.

In conclusion, the utilization of new technology in the form of automated driving systems could be a possible solution to the epidemic at hand. It is time for our world to acclimate to such inventions especially if they can begin making our roads safer for future generations. No longer do we have to accept the rate of vehicular murder against our species, but instead we can begin to collaborate for the betterment of society. As a national community, we can implement life-saving changes.

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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a divorce process wherein a court-appointed and neutral mediator is assigned to the spouses so they can properly make compromises on the legal aspects of the divorce, such as the amount of alimony and child support and division of assets and liabilities.

The website of the Raleigh divorce attorneys at Marshall & Taylor, P.C. mentions that attorneys don’t necessarily help in negotiating the terms of mediated divorces, but they can still be necessary so the spouses know the extent of their rights and legal options. In other words, you should still consider getting a family lawyer even though there is already a mediator for your divorce.

Advantages of Mediation

Many couples see mediated divorce as their legal process of choice, because it is not as formal as other divorce proceedings, such as contested and uncontested divorce. Choosing mediation over other legal options have several advantages, such as the following.

It is less argumentative

Other divorce processes, especially contested divorce, can be very argumentative, because the spouses cannot agree on the legal terms and nobody seems to want to compromise and get the shorter end of the stick. Mediated divorce, in nature, is not adversarial and rely on mature communication to come up with a fair compromise.

It is less prone to bias

A divorce process like an uncontested divorce can be the easy choice, because of how fast it can be due to the lack of arguments. But this may also mean that a spouse has given in to the biases of the other spouse just to get the divorce over with. This is simply not the case for mediated divorce, because the presence of a mediator can prevent biases.

It puts your children away from the divorce process

Divorce is a complicated legal process, as it may involve aspects such as child custody and support. This may mean that your children will be actively involved in the divorce process, in the form of interviews and presence in courts. This can have a negative effect on children, especially if they are still in their developmental years.

Since a mediated divorce is less formal and everything can be talked out casually, it will help avoid stress and prevent children from getting too involved in the legal process.

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Common Behaviors Associated with Sexual Harassment

Common Behaviors Associated with Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can be experienced anywhere. It can be experienced at home, at the office, in public transportation, and even on the streets. Many victims just tolerate sexually harassing behaviors, but there are some victims who take it negatively, affecting their physical and mental health, and worse, their performance in school, work, and relationships.

When you look at it, these behaviors should not be tolerated, no matter how simple they may be. Everybody deserves to be at peace, whether they are on public or private properties. According to the website, those who have been victims of sexual harassment may even get compensation. It’s a win-win situation, because they punish their harasser and get money for the damages.

Asking personal questions relating to sex

If someone you know asks about your sexual activities, preferences, and histories, he is already harassing you sexually, especially if he isn’t in a relationship with you that is deep enough to warrant those questions and if you have made it clear that you find those questions inappropriate.

Attacking your sexual identity

Getting bullied because of your identity and preferences is enough grounds for a sexual harassment case. This is even worse if it happens in a place where you often see the harasser, like in the school or the office, as it creates a hostile environment.

Commenting sexually about your body or clothes

You are innocently walking in the sidewalk of your neighborhood or in the hallway of your work building when somebody suddenly makes sexual gestures, such as whistling, to entice or offend you. Worse, they may even directly communicate to you, like saying vulgar things about your body and clothes.

Communicating with sexual suggestions

Co-workers, employers, teachers, or anybody else who gives you sexual messages in oral or written format may be held liable for sexual harassment, especially if it is frequent and severe enough to negatively affect you in that specific environment.

Displaying sexual materials

Sometimes, you don’t have to be the direct recipient of the harassment. Merely displaying sexual materials such as pictures and videos can be grounds for sexual harassment, because it creates an unwanted sexual atmosphere in the area.

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Damages Needing Compensation Due to Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is a legal action pursued by the family or dependents of a person who dies due to wrongdoing or act of negligence of another person (the dependents of the deceased are legally addressed as “real parties in interest”). The main purpose of a wrongful death lawsuit is to seek compensation for all the present and future losses that the dependents of the deceased are and will be subjected to. Compensation should cover funeral expenses, lost companionship and lost wages, among others.

Losses or damages suffered by the dependents are generally classified under these categories: economic, non-economic and punitive. Though states may differ in some items contained in each category, their basic coverage include:

  • Economic damages. These relate to the financial contributions the deceased would still have been able to provide had he/she not died. These include goods and services the deceased would have earned; wages and other earnings; possible inheritance; financial benefits, such as pension plan; medical coverage for victim’s family members; and, cost of medical treatment and funeral service.
  • Non-economic damages. These refer to the non-material losses of the surviving family, such as: loss of love and companionship; loss of consortium with the deceased spouse; loss of the deceased victim’s care, guidance, nurturing and protection; and, the dependents’ suffering, pain and mental anguish.
  • Punitive damages. These usually include compensatory damages. In states where this is not made available in a wrongful death lawsuit, treble damages, or triple damages, is awarded instead. Treble damages or triple damages multiply the amount of actual damages to three. The court may award this type of damage based on legally acceptable reasons.
    • Punitive damages are basically served on the liable individual to make him/her realize his/her erroneous act and to prevent him/her from committing the same error in the future.

Legal professionals, like the Chicago personal injury attorneys of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, understand that a “few events will have the same power to affect the circumstances of your life as the sudden and unexpected death of a loved one. Though the idea of filing a lawsuit may seem overwhelming right now, it will be in the best interests of your family to begin working through the legal process as soon after the accident as you are able.”

The lawsuit can be a painful process; however, dealing with it immediately to hold the responsible party accountable and so find closure will be more beneficial for everyone

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